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Code ID 4119
Age 33 ans
Poids 59 kg
Taille 172 cm
Couleur des yeux bleus
Couleur des cheveux roux
Situation divorcée
Enfants non
Niveau d'étude supérieures
Emploi architecte
Pays Espagne
Langues parlées anglais - espagnol -
Email/ téléphone pour les adhérents


In the past I've participated in the beauty competitions and later I've had my own model agency. I like to make fotos and fotosessions too, like to read and dance. I like pets very much. I love the sea, nature, spanish shores, and to learn about things.
I dream of creation of the happy, friendly and model family with a nice, gentle and reached much in his life. A man with clever steadfastness in his character, in business and changing into soft and gentle and conziderate husband at home. Very important: a man with 1,75 height and more, not bald, with a wish of serious relashionships.

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Femme Russe, Agence de Rencontre : Anna, 33 ans, Espagne